Decorating With Blue

Decorating With Blue

Blue is one of the most versatile decorating hues and interior paint colour. Whether you choose a light-sky blue, or a deep and rich navy, using blue can make a stand out feature in your interior. Be inspired by the blue colour palette and read on below to find some great ways you can use blue in your painting projects.

Blue Bedroom Décor

According to colour theory, using blue shades in your bedroom helps to create a feeling of calm and tranquillity. The naturally soothing blue shades will create a peaceful bedroom space you can retire to after a busy day.

Rich Blue Colour Shades:
TeknosPro Colour Mode: Benett 515, Salastie 519, Midnight Blue 513
Tikkurila Feelings: N429 Denim, M350 Ink, L430 Fell

Find more Colour Cards Here

Best Paint to use for Bedroom Walls:
To create the best interior environment in your sleeping space, ensure to use an interior wall paint that has low or no solvents and low odours.

Tikkurila Eko Joker: Interior Wall Paints for People with Chemical Sensitivities
A very low solvent interior emulsion that dries to a superfine matt finish with a very slight sheen. Create a better interior environment in your home, as Eko-Joker has gained the European Eco Label. Can be tinted to any colour from any colour card.

TeknosPro: 100% Solvent Free Interior Wall Paints
For a completely solvent free interior wall paint, choose the TeknosPro. Does not release any solvents into the air of your home for a clean and easy application. In three attractive matt finishes (5, 7, 10) and can be tinted to any colour.

Kitchen Walls Paint Ideas

Painting your kitchen walls can entirely transform a kitchen space. Create your own show-home-worthy kitchen by using shades of rich blues that contrast with bright white cabinetry and other fittings.

Best Paint for Kitchens:
When choosing a paint for kitchen walls, you need to make sure that the paint you are applying is durable, wash/scrub resistant, and has a long-lasting finish. This will ensure that even if any kitchen mess gets on the walls, simply wipe it away without the fear of your paint coming-off too!

Tikkurila Extra Durable: A heavy-duty interior wall paint for areas that may require frequent washing down. In an attractive semi-matt finish, this paint will resist many washes and wipes from even the messiest of cooks. Available in any colour.

Teknos Timantti: Professional grade interior wall paint that is exceptionally durable. Timantti withstands multiple washing and wiping and can even be used in moist or humid environments with added mildew resistant properties. Available in a range of sheen levels (matt 7, semi-matt 20, and semi-gloss 40), and can be tinted to unlimited colours. For extra cleanliness and microbial protection, find out more about the Teknos Timantti Clean an antimicrobial paint here.

Bonus Tip:

If you’re looking to completely transform your kitchen:

Find out How to Repaint Kitchen Cabinetry’ 

Read our easy step-by-step guide here.

Exterior House Painting 

Blue paint colours, isn’t just for use on interior walls, why not try using a blue palette for painting exterior surfaces too?

Blue hues can be seen in all around us from the sky, to the sea, to flora. You can reflect these shades on your own property by painting the exterior of your building. Whether you have a wooden, masonry or render exterior – choose a blue shade that makes your property stand out.

Paint for Exterior Wood:
Choose either Semi-Transparent or Opaque

Semi-transparent Wood Coatings are also known as stains. They impregnate into the wood, rather than form a film on top. They give a rich colour whilst still being able to see and maintain the natural beauty of the wood grain. For a semi-transparent wood coating use: Tikkurila Valtti Color

Opaque Wood Coatings are more often known as exterior wood paint and creates a solid colour on the top of the wood to protect it. Coating the wood in a solid opaque paint will give your exterior wood the best protection from weathering and moisture. For our most durable exterior wood paint, that lasts typically between 8-10 years, see the Tikkurila Valtti Ultra.

Opaque Wood Stains are a hybrid between a traditional wood stain and a painted finish. With a thinner film than traditional paints you still get the coverage, protection and attractive opaque colour but the wood grain remains visible. For an opaque wood stain see the Teknos Woodex Aqua Solid.

Painting Exterior Masonry is a great way to rejuvenate the exterior of any building whilst keeping it protected. Tikkurila Valtti Opaque is a versatile exterior paint that can be used for both wood and masonry. Can be tinted to any colour and comes in an attractive semi-matt finish.

Extra Tip:

For more information on the wide range of exterior paints we have at Holman Specialist Paints

Visit our sister site:

Textured Paint Finishes

Create 3-Dimentional colour with your new blue shade. Blue interior wall colours, don’t have to be one flat surface. Add drama and depth to your interior using a textured wall paint in a rich blue shade. 

Create an Interior Textured Wall Finish with Tikkurila Tunto

Tikkurila Tunto is a textured wall finish for interior walls. Available in two textures fine or coarse so you can decide on the texture you want to achieve. Experiment with different application methods to create different textures or use a stencil for a 3D relief. Tunto can be tinted to unlimited range of beautiful shades.

For more information see Tikkurila Tunto Fine or Tikkurila Tunto Coarse.

What Colours go with Blue?

When choosing such a vibrant interior paint colour, you may find yourself asking ‘what colours can go with blue? 

Pure Whites – Bright, crisp whites create beautiful stand out features against your blue interior paint colours. For a really dramatic interior use darker blues against a bright white for a sleek, modern and sophisticated interior.

Metallic Highlights- Add a touch of elegance to your blue décor by highlighting with metallic sheens. Popular this year is using golds, brass, copper or bronze shades that delicately shimmer against blue shades. For extra design points – try using blues and metallic to create metallic designs.

Rustic Finish – Use a mixture of textures, shapes and lines in colours inspired by nature (think of warm browns, creams and fawns), to create a rustic finish. Create this effect with ease using decorative materials such as wicker, rattan or cork.

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