10 Paint Projects to Brighten-Up Your Kitchen

10 Paint Projects to Brighten-Up Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen look tired and unloved?

Perhaps you fancy an interior make-over, but without the cost?

Read this blog to find the Top Ten Kitchen Paint Projects that you can achieve at home. 

1) Paint your Stools or Chairs
Painting stools or chairs is a great quick and easy way to add a burst of colour to your kitchen. No need to splash out on an entire new dining set!

To do this, clean the chair surfaces and give them a light sand. Following this, repaint your chairs easily using Teknos Futura Aqua Furniture Paint. This easy to apply paint system has an eco-friendly and water based formula. Futura Aqua is also durable enough to resist knocks and chips and wiping down - perfect for a busy kitchen!

Whether you like modern bright hues, classical country chic or even dreamy pastel shades, Futura Aqua is available in unlimited colours and a range of finishes.  

2) Write on the Walls with Chalkboard Paint
Dusty black chalkboards aren’t just for school rooms of yester-year. At Holman Specialist Paints, we can tint Tikkurila Liitu Chalk Board Paint in any colour from any colour card.

Let your imagination run free and create a creative wall space perfect for little kids (and big ones too!). The Liitu chalkboard paint will withstand repeated wiping for unlimited artistic opportunities.

3) Update your Kitchen Cabinetry
Create the look and feel of a whole new kitchen by repainting your kitchen cabinetry with Tikkurila Furniture Paint. This extra durable paint for interior woodwork is knock, chip and abrasion resistant and easy to clean.

Available in any colour, and in attractive matt, semi-matt or gloss finishes so you can transform your kitchen to any look or style. Create a kitchen to be proud of, because beautiful kitchens deserve a beautiful finish.

Here at Holman Specialist Paints we are big advocates of transforming your kitchens using the Tikkurila Furniture Paint.

If you need more persuasion, check out our: Top 5 Reasons to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinetry.

4) Liven-up Old Fittings
Give your old fittings and fixtures like lampshades, curtain rails or picture/mirror frames a new lease of life with a quick and easy paint project.

First, identify what surface is it is that you’d like to paint:
- Could it be plastic lampshades?
- Or perhaps a wooden picture frame?
- Or even a metal curtain rail?

Second, decide what colour you’d like to paint it, and what finish you’d like to achieve:
- At Holman Specialist Paints, we have unlimited colours available, so the choice is entirely up to you.
- For your project, would you like a matt, semi-matt or a gloss finish?

Once you’ve identified the surface, either drop us a message at sales@holmanpaints.co.uk or give us a call on 01793 511537 and we’ll put together a unique paint system specification especially for your project.

5) Freshen Kitchen Tiles with Paint
Did you know that you can repaint old tiles? It’s a great way to modernise a dated kitchen.

Top Tip: When it comes to choosing paint for kitchen tiles, it’s important to ensure that the product you are using has exceptional adhesion properties.

We always recommend our 65-Line Two-Pack Polyurethane Enamel.
Don’t be put-off by a 2-pack product! Just follow the simple mixing instructions and apply to the surface. The 65-line will adhere to the surface and remain extremely durable. 65-Line is available in any colour and in a range of finishes and can be applied easily by brush or roller.

Need some extra help or advice? Give Holman Specialist Paints a call for more information and guidance.

6) Surprising Storage
When painting cabinetry and other built in furniture, the paint doesn’t have to be a single one-dimensional colour. Creating surprising storage with colour blocking elements by painting half your cupboards, or even just the drawers for a truly memorable kitchen

Try using metallic colours with the Tikkurila Taika Pearl Paint. Taika can be applied to interior wood and wall for great versatility and a striking metallic effect.

7) Bold Backsplash Colour
Changing the back splash is a great way to update and revamp a tired-looking kitchen. Use HSP Glass-Col to achieve this new look.

From a builder’s merchant, purchase a piece of toughened glass that is cut to the shape/size you require. Then, simply mix the two components of HSP Glass Col and apply the back of the toughened glass using spray application. Once dry, fit the toughened glass (paint side down) into place.

Glass Col can be tinted to a vast array of colours and a range of different finishes including a frosted effect.

8) Metallic Planters and Pots
Add unique greenery to your kitchen by creating your own painted planters and pots.

Painting on Ceramic Pots:
If painting on ceramic, use the Tikkurila Otex Adhesion Primer. This primer has excellent adhesion for most surfaces. Once dry, follow with a suitable topcoat (depending on your colour choice) this could be the Helmi Furniture Paint, or Tikkurila Taika.

Painting on Metal Pots:
If painting a metal planter pot, try the RustOleum Combi-Color. Combi-Color is a single application, easy to use, primer and topcoat in one. Can be used on all metal surfaces and comes in unlimited colours. Also available in metallic finishes!

9) Colour Pop Shelving
Add a modern touch to your shelving using bright colours that seem to ‘pop’ out of the wall.

Bright hues like oranges, greens and reds look great in a kitchen environment. You can even try arranging them in a more hap-hazard fashion to enhance this retro effect.

Ensure to us a good quality interior wood paint for a non-fading colour that can withstand frequent wiping down. For this, we recommend the Teknos Futura Aqua.

10) Radiant Radiators
Radiators are an often overlooked piece in any interior. Create a stand out feature by painting your radiator using the Tikkurila Furniture Paint system.

- First clean and de-grease the surface, then sand to create a key.

- Next, apply the Tikkurila Otex Adhesion Primer.

- Allow the Otex to dry, and follow with two coats of the Tikkurila Furniture Paint.

Using this system will ensure a durable coating that will resist knocks and chips and won’t flake from the heat.

For any more information on any of the products listed above,
Or for questions and queries on your own project, contact Holman Specialist Paints.

Give our friendly sales team a call on: 01793 511537
Or, email: sales@holmanpaints.co.uk

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