Revamp Your Christmas Baubles

Revamp Your Christmas Baubles

HSP Christmas Bauble Project

As featured in the December edition of Reloved Magazine

Everyone seems to have those worn-out Christmas decorations lying about in the Christmas box in your cupboard or attic. Here at Holman Specialist Paints – we have a great idea for you to try! 

Use Tikkurila Taika Pearl Paint or Taika Pearl Glaze to refurbish, and replenish those old decorations and transform your Christmas decor.

This effect is so simple and easy to do and achieve. Just follow our simple steps:

1) Open a can of Taika Pearl Paint
Taika pearl paint is available in ready-made gold and silver, or here at Holman’s we can tint the pearlescent paint to any shimmering colour of your choosing. A one-litre can is large enough for a good number of both small and medium sized baubles.

2) Grasp the bauble by its stem, and dip it completely into the paint
Once the bauble has been completely submerged in the paint, gently lift it out and let the excess paint drip back into the can.

3) Hang the baubles up to dry
Hang the painted baubles up on a clothes line or string. However, at this stage, don’t forget to put some newspaper or a decorating sheet
underneath, as the baubles will drip as they are drying.

4) Carefully wipe the drops of paint from the bottom of the bauble
Every now and then, keep an eye on your baubles as little drops of paint may collect at the bottom. Gently wipe these away otherwise you’ll find little lumps have dried.

5) Leave to dry
Your newly decorated baubles will be touch-dry within a few hours. However, we highly recommend leaving them over night to make sure they have fully cured. Keep them out of the way of any knocks, scratches or pesky fingers and paws at this time and you’ll have a beautifully finished and unique decoration.

*Tip* Leave them to dry for as long as you can – and these delicate, light reflecting and shimmering Christmas decorations will last many years. 

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous with your Christmas DIY it’s possible to experiment further with Tikkurila Taika Pearl Glaze and Taika Stardust glitter effect paint. 

To find out more about the Tikkurila Taika Effects Paints and Glazes, or to see the beautiful metallic paint colour range, request your free colour card here

For more great Christmas projects, or to request your copy of the December edition of Reloved magazine, visit their website here

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