SteelSeal Metal Cladding Paint

SteelSeal Metal Cladding Paint

For industrial units, you need an industrial coating that offers maximum durability and minimum upkeep. This is where the SteelSeal Metal Cladding paint from Akzo Nobel steps in.

Due to the damaging effects of UV and damaging weather conditions over time, all exterior coatings can degrade and age. The factory applied coatings on industrial units are no exception, and can often look tired and unkempt when left to the elements.

Not only do these industrial exteriors look unsightly but, if left long enough, can begin to cause damage to the property. So, it is especially important to ensure that exterior coatings are maintained.

Using the SteelSeal system can breathe new life into tired-looking units in desperate need of a repainting job. Not only will they look far better aesthetically, but as the SteelSeal has a life expectancy of up to 10 years, this will minimise exterior maintenance and therefore increase the cost-effectiveness.

Case History: Charlestown Industrial Estate
The industrial units in Ashton-Under-Lyme were in desperate need to be to be renovated, and so, owners Tameside Council decided to put the SteelSeal system to the test. It was time for a crucial redevelopment of the Charlestown Industrial Estate as the existing units were tired, dated, and their exterior coatings failing.

For the Charlestown Industrial Estate redevelopment, Tameside Council applied the following the SteelSeal Cladding Refurbishment coating specification:

To prepare an exterior cladding substrate, begin with thorough cleaning, degreasing and the correction of any defects. Also at this preliminary stage, ensure to remove correct any areas of corrosion and any algae growth must be treated with an appropriate fungicidal solution.

With the SteelSeal System you do not have to strip back to the original cladding as the primer can be applied over previous coatings. This is a valuable time-saving element for customers looking to provide a quick and effective fix for their industrial units.

Therefore, after preparing the metal cladding surface, SteelSeal 4VC Primer is used first as a patch primer, and then followed by a full priming coat.

The SteelSeal 4VC Primer is a high build, single-pack primer that can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray. It can be applied to a variety of pre-finished cladding including: Plastisol, PVF2, Silicone Polyester, Polyurethanes and certain Acrylic coatings.

The SteelSeal 4VC Primer can be tinted to any colour from any colour card to match whatever topcoat colour you wish to achieve.

It is always best to leave 24 hours before applying the next coat, but do not leave more than 72 hours as you do not want to allow for contamination between coats.

After allowing the appropriate recoat drying time, the SteelSeal Topcoat 5VF should be applied for maximum protection of the exterior metal cladding.

The SteelSeal Topcoat 5VF is a semi-gloss, high-build topcoat which is specially formulated for use on cladding. This cladding coating offers protection from, and is resistant to; weathering, mild chemicals and water. The SteelSeal offers this exceptional protection for up to 10 years and is fully hardened within 24 hours.

The SteelSeal system gives your building assured protection against whatever life throws at it. The coating dries to an easy-to-clean, hard wearing finish which has excellent scratch and abrasion resistance. It will protect your metal cladding from weathering, atmospheric pollution and staining.

Not only is the SteelSeal coatings technically exceptional, but customers don’t have to compromise for the protection of their building. The SteelSeal can be tinted to any colour, from any colour card and can be applied by brush, roller or spray. So whatever the choice of colour or application method, SteelSeal is versatile to suit every client need and specification.

The Results: Charlestown Industrial Estate
After following the SteelSeal coating specification the industrial unit is rejuvenated and updated from a dated and ageing brown, to a fresh and modern mix of Goose Wing Grey and Electric Blue.

The SteelSeal system was also used on the roof of the Charlestown Industrial Estate Units. The picture below demonstrates the remarkable difference. Now the building unit will be protected for 10 years more

Other Examples of the SteelSeal Coating System
Not only has the SteelSeal coating system been used in this example but it has been tried and tested on a multitude of industrial units, warehouse and business premises across the UK and Europe. The images below are just a few more examples of the outstanding transformations created by re-coating industrial units with SteelSeal.

Dodwell Industrial Estate 

Distribution Warehouse, Warrington

So you can see for yourself how refreshed and rejuvenated these industrial units look after using SteelSeal coating systems by Akzo Nobel. For more information on the SteelSeal Coating System, application or general guidance give us a call at Holman Specialist paints on 01793 511537, or email

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