High Performance Woodwork Repairs 

The Repair Care Range of easy to use epoxy compounds, specially formulated to produce high quality joinery repairs - in a fraction of the time of traditional joinery methods and Guaranteed for 10 Years.

Brummer has been the brand of choice for many joinery companies, cabinet makers and professional decorators for many years. There are Brummer wood fillers for both interior and exterior use and include grain fillers that can be used to create limed wood effects. All come in a range of natural wood colours chosen after many years of matching wood fillers to the most frequently used shades of different timbers. They can be used under most decorative finishes, including paint, varnish, lacquer, and polish. Incredibly tough and hard wearing when set, they may be drilled and sanded just like wood itself.

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items


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