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Temporary Peelable Coatings 

Damages caused to windows, sanitary equipment, furniture and marble floors, granite, wood or tiles during delivery, installation or on construction sites can be very expensive to rectify.

Similarly, storage and shipping of finished delicate surfaces such as dividers and glass doors, window frames , signboards, aviation parts and boats need to be protected.

Protectapeel products can provide an effective and economical solution to temporary surface protection.

They are  environmentally friendly, quick to apply by  spray or roller and are easily removed after use, leaving no trace.

Once dry the film protects the surface from marks, nicks, abrasions, spots of mortar, plaster, stucco, paint, grease, oil, bird droppings.

The coatings are resistant to weathering, UV degradation, pedestrian and forklift traffic, paints,solvents, water and tar etc. 

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