Product Review of the Q-T3 HVLP Spray System

Product Review of the Q-T3 HVLP Spray System

Choosing a new paint or coatings spray system is something that takes time and consideration for every customer. Not only are there an abundance of different types, sizes and manufacturers on the market but they can also be a big investment. 

Many people in the trade are now looking to spray systems as it is undeniable that they are quicker and more effective than traditional application methods, such as brush or roller application. Therefore, spray application can Save both Time and Money.

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To help you make your decision we’ve asked experienced decorator, Stuart Bradley of SB Painting and Decorating about his thoughts on using the Q-T3 HVLP Turbine Paint Sprayer.

Stuart is a highly experienced painter and decorator with over 17 years under his belt. His work includes both domestic and commercial decorating, and has been spraying with various equipment for over 12 years.


Q&A Review for the Q-T3 HVLP Paint Sprayer

How long have you been using the QT3 HVLP?
I’ve owned the Q-T3 for around a year.

What painting jobs do you use the QT3 for?
Generally, we use the Q-T3 for various jobs from interior woodwork including trim and doors, kitchen resprays, and furniture.

What’s the best job you’ve completed using the Q-T3 HVLP?
Biggest job I've completed with the Q-T3 was a large Clive Christian kitchen for a customer. Was so much quicker than carrying out the work with a brush also left a very nice finish

How do you find using it?
I find the unit very portable and easy to store and the Q-T3 only takes minutes to set up the unit and get going. Once you get the materials to be sprayed and the gun set up to suit the finish is near flawless.

How often do you use your QT3 system?
I use the unit up to 3 times a week for various jobs we carry out and we use the Q-T3 mostly for oil based products or 2k clear coat.

Are there any drawbacks to using the QT3 HVLP system?
The only drawback from the unit I would say is the hose as it's pretty chunky a can be a bit tricky if you’re spraying a balustrade.

What made you choose to purchase the QT3 rather than another system?
I bought the Q-T3 as I thought it was good value for money compared to some off the other set ups available on the market.

Why do you choose to spray apply rather than hand-painting/roller application?
We choose to spray as much as we can! Although this does depend on the job we’re carrying out. However, spraying is great for a bit more speed and also a lot better finish.

Any advice that you would give those who are new to spray application?
• Learn as much as you can before going straight into customers home and just spraying.
• I tried and tested products before starting a customer’s job to see how the finish would look.
• When it comes to masking up take your time and do it properly as It will make or break your finished product
• Make sure to keep over spray off areas you don't want paint to touch.

Would you recommend the QT3 to others?
I would and have already recommended the Q-T3 to others

Stuart has completed many great projects using the Q-T3 Spray System.
Here are some examples of his work:

Photos of work by SB Painting and Decorating done by Q-T3 HVLP Spray

To find out more about Stuart, his work and company visit:
Or contact SB Painting and Decorating services via their Facebook page 

Want to Find out more about the HVLP Spray Systems and the Q-T3?
Read on below…

What is an HVLP Spray System?

HVLP quite simply stands for High Volume, Low Pressure.

Different from the traditional spray systems, HVLP sprayers use a lightweight air turbine to supply the air and atomise the paint, rather than a large air compressor.

The air is supplied at a much lower pressure (LP), which helps to reduce the amount of over-spray cause when applying a coating. Alongside the lower air pressure, the HVLP system supplies the air at a much higher volume (HV). The combination of lower pressure and higher volume air atomises the paint.

Key Benefits of using an HVLP Spray System:

- Lightweight and small in size (Easily portable and easy to store)
- Minimise coatings wastage and overspray
- Efficiency of coating application (Quicker than traditional application methods)
- Cheaper than other larger spray systems
- Create a flawless finishing coat
- Great for interior woodwork: trim, doors, furniture, kitchen cabinetry, stair rails and balustrades.
- Quick to set up and clean down
- Can be used with both water-based and solvent based products
- Safer to use, as there is no compressed air.
- Quicken paint drying times with warm turbine air

Potential drawbacks of using an HVLP Spray System:

- Slower to apply coatings than larger spray systems
- Not for everyday use (For use around 3 or 4 times a week)
- Not for larger projects such as big interior painting jobs
- Not suitable for higher viscosity coatings.


Key Facts, Figures and Stats for the Q-T3:

Supplied With 6m house assembly, Q-Tech SilverPro HVLP Gun
Airflow Per Minute 2800 Litre 96cfm
MWP 0.41 bar / 6 psi
Motor 1400 watt
Weight 8.5kg
Volt Options 110 Volt or 240 Volt
Good For Spraying Water and Solvent Based Coatings, Clear Coatings, Great for Topcoats

To find out more about the Q-T3 HVLP Spray System,
Visit the product page here.


Alternatively, if you have any questions about spray application or the Q-T3 system, please feel welcome to contact our friendly sales team:

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